Comments of the participants about the 4th International Workshop „Spine Loading and Deformation“

    • The catering was onesome! Turning the light on during panel discussions would have helped. Nice time keeping!
    • Next year: Boot!
    • Open discussions could be made shorter or have a prepared format/questions to facilitate a discussion that included all speakers.
    • Perhaps extend discussion times, or add more topical moderated discussion outside the presentation sessions.
    • Really good (as always). Perhaps student prices would be good (MSc or PhD level).
    • Excellent organization. However, chairs could have used some more cushions and would be very useful to have more “in vivo” perspective from physiologist experimentations.
    • The second day was a bit too long/intense! Very useful for next generation of spine experts!
    • The second day was very long.
    • Poor time-frame; there was no time for discussion after a presentation. In my opinion: parallel sessions/less presentations and more discussion instead. It was a nice event, nevertheless.
    • We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the workshop very much!
    • I think we should introduce student prizes.
    • In hopeful anticipation of the 5th workshop in 2025 at the same location! Thank you so much!
    • Fantastic workshop – as always, thank you! Organization was flawless, everything worked so smoothly! The catering was excellent and the dinner location/quality as well.
    • Scientifically – also as always – it has been extremely relevant and interesting meeting, with amazing, stimulating discussions. It almost feels funing, to suggest things that could be “improved” as the workshop is exceptionally great as it is.
    • I would appreciate a “free”/collaboration slot in the agenda – a block where one could have more time than during coffee breaks to discuss collaborative projects/possible collaborations.
    • Some (few!) presentation did not really stand out in terms of relevance/contribution to the field. I would suggest highlighting this as guidelines to authors and also to sectionize abstracts a bit stricter in these terms. Overall, wonderful workshop. Thank you!

The participants also rated the workshop directly at the end (1 is poor and 5 is excellent). Below you can see the results.